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We Focus on Helping Troubled Individuals

JOHN’S DREAM is John Neyland’s charitable foundation. The goal of this organization is to help people in need, particularly disadvantaged youth, many of whom may have lost hope for a better future.

“I know what it feels like to need help and not get it,” John says. “My lifelong goal is simply to enable people to have the life they otherwise would not have had.”

John pulled himself up from his tough beginnings

Having grown up with a physically and emotionally abusive father, and an alcoholic, suicidal mother, John learned early in his life how helplessness feels. Still, with a natural optimism and determination, John pulled himself up from his tough beginnings and forged a successful path. Today, through John’s Dream, John often identifies and focuses on individuals who otherwise might not be able to find their way out of troubling circumstances. The non-profit foundation offers mentoring services that often continue for years with individuals in need.

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