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John has carried his message of determination and self-worth forward for 20 years’

John Neyland is a highly-regarded public speaker who has addressed groups nationwide. From small meetings or gatherings to keynote addresses for corporate and convention groups.

Notable Topics

For the past two decades John has addressed groups of all sizes, nationwide. John speaks at universities, conventions, meetings, corporate gatherings, churches, civic groups and other venues. His speeches are tailored to each individual group, but always focus on the following themes:

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Developing courage

  • Identifying personal strengths

  • The importance of dreaming bigger

  • Personal pivot points

  • Achieving a better life

  • Reprogramming non-productive thought patterns

In addition to speaking to groups, John is available to meet one-on-one with attendees who are interested in personal and professional mentoring. John also teaches “NO LIMITS” classes aimed at helping people reach beyond limits within themselves. These classes are designed to give people the skills they need to deal with personal and professional issues, such as stress, problem solving, budgeting, preparing for interviews, career planning, interpersonal communication, body language, and presentation skills. The focus of these classes is to help people dream bigger and accomplish more. Classes can be tailored to the needs of individual groups or businesses.

Courage is looking beyond the fear

“If you dream within the boundaries of what you think you can do, or what other people tell you you can do, that’s not a dream. That’s a nightmare,” John says. “Ask yourself, what would it be like to get to your last four hours of life full of regrets? We’re taught fear all the time; we need to be taught courage. Courage is looking beyond the fear at hand and look at the dividend to be had, that’s courage.”

Hear from our

Because of John I have taken my life back full spin. My mental space is so much clearer and in part my health has taken a ride along with it. With my newfound passion for fitness, I've found myself working with a few people with their fitness goals, and just kind of working through some of the mental and physical that I could help with. Again, just kind of sharing my story with everyone and being transparent. I don't know where my life would be without John's Dream. I'd probably still be in this deep depression, drinking my life away, and not even here to be able to tell my story.

- Yesenia

I’m a professor teaching Business, English, Math and Computer classes. John spoke to some of the college students, and I attended three of his sessions, as I was intrigued. He asked the question: “How do you make a change and go from where you are to where you can go to improve your life?” Currently, John assists me in organizing my financial budget to find a means to pursue my next path, which is accomplishing a PhD in Urban Forestry at Southern University. I am truly blessed that John has helped me to achieve this goal.

- Kalisha

Now, with John’s assistance, guidance and support, I feel I can accomplish anything! John helped me realize my potential and worth.He has helped me to rediscover myself. With this newfound strength and confidence I have the courage to move forward and build a new and better future for myself and my children. I don’t have negativity in my life; I feel I can achieve anything and that my goals are attainable.

- Toree

He didn’t ignore me, and he wanted to help me. He gave me and my family a shoulder when we needed it. It’s the things he did for me that my own family wouldn’t do for us. It’s just the fact that he’s there when I needed advice or just a shoulder to lean on. Mr. John has made a big impact on my family. He taught us how to budget and how to value each other. He’s teaching us about the meaning of life.

-Tykeia “Bird”


Collective Momentum:

Grades 6-12/ College Students/ Business Professionals

This class teaches you how to use your own Collective Momentum to drive yourself into the future you want. No dream is too big if you learn how to harness your energy and use it to move yourself toward your big dream.

No Limits:

High School Juniors & Seniors/ College Students

These classes are designed to give people the skills they need to deal with life issues like stress, problem solving, budgeting, preparing for interviews, communications, body language, etc. We also talk about defining goals and dreams. Our hope is that everyone leaves with bigger goals and dreams than they started class with.

What You CAN do:

Grades 6-12/ College Students/ Business Professionals/ Business Leaders

In this class, attendees will learn how to truly believe in themselves. They will learn valuable skills that will make them happier and more productive as well as how to keep a positive mentality even when a task seems impossible. There is nothing you can't do.

Book Cover

Introducing John’s Book

John Neyland is not only a survivor of a physically and abusive childhood, but also a highly regarded businessman, husband and father. Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream is his story of overcoming his early challenges, only to face a 40-year battle with a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Interwoven are the stories of his alcoholic, suicidal mother, his violent father, two experimental brain surgeries and four highly successful businesses.

This is a story of challenge, grit and reward. It is also a lesson in self-motivation and determination. John carries forward the lessons offered in the book through his charitable foundation, John’s Dream, a non-profit organization that mentors individuals in need and helps them achieve personal and professional success.

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